Prayer Commitment for the

Week of April 21-April 27

‘Helpless As A Sheep
(Isaiah 53:6; Matthew 9:36)
Sheep are good at just a few things: drowning, being defenseless, and being utterly dependent upon the shepherd.  The Word of God compares Believers to sheep, under Jesus’ constant care.  He knows His sheep and knows that they can become restless.  As a shepherd He is attentive to His sheep and may have to go slow in some cases to stay with the stragglers.  He gives the peace and watches over them day and night, and only His voice do they know, and only His voice will they hear, and only His voice will they obey, but He also knows their voice (John 10:4).
Jesus is the True Shepherd who guards His flock.  Sheep are helpless and vulnerable without “The” Shepherd.  If a sheep falls onto its side, it can become turned upside down…and will die if not picked up and placed upright. This can result in starvation or lay there exposed, vulnerable to predators.  We of His flock likewise can fall down and be on our backs, helpless and vulnerable, but the Good Shepherd can set us upright again.  Our True Shepherd won’t let that happen if we are in His fold.  The True Shepherd laid down His life for His sheep and has purchased the sheep with His own blood (1 Cor 6:19-20, 7:23).  We are His, and He is ours! Give God glory!
Matthew 5:9; Colossians 3:15; Romans 15:13