New Antioch Baptist Church has a strong and vibrant network of spiritual ministries to replenish and revive Believers.

Children’s Christian Education

Church School ~ Sunday ~ Children Ages 3 through 10

The purpose of the Sunday Church School is to lead our children to a saving knowledge of Christ and thoroughly indoctrinate them with the Word of God. The Bible is also taught systematically and orderly so that the children may have a clear and concise understanding of its truths.  Each lesson is conducted in a way that each child may apply to his/her life.  And because of mandated COVID-19 guidelines, it is now necessary to provide lessons online.  With this in mind, both parents and their children may continue to learn and grow spiritually.  You may click on the links below to see age-specific lessons to go over with your children. Please feel free to email us at nabcor_ssministry@newantiochbaptist.org regarding any questions/comments/feedback related to the online lessons.
Contact: Deacon Warren E. Wilson or Sister Angela McGinnis
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        The Resurrection
         The Last Supper
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         Resurrection – Maze

Adult Christian Education


Church School ~ Lancaster Bible College ~ Adult Education Ministry

The purpose of the Adult Education ministry is to strengthen the local churches by training their members in the Scripture and thus preparing them for ministry. The Lancaster Bible College Adult Education Program is designed for laypersons that desire to know more about the Word of God. Completing the required courses entitles the student to a Primary Certificate, Intermediate Certificate or Diploma.
Contact: Pastor Kenneth L. Barney, Sr., D.D.

Lancaster Bible College: Adult Education Ministry

Through the Lancaster Bible College Adult Education Ministry, we strengthen other churches in the community by training and preparing those who are called for the ministry. It is designed for all believers who want to learn more about the Word of God. Upon completing the required courses, students receive a Primary Certificate, Intermediate Certificate, or a Diploma.
Contact: Pastor Kenneth L. Barney, Sr., D.D.