“Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, un-moveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord”  (1 Corinthians 15:58).


New Antioch Baptist Church has a strong and vibrant network of spiritual ministries to replenish and revive Believers. See what outreach, biblical research, and community activities are right for you and get involved today!



Rhema Christian Bookstore Ministry

The Christian Bookstore Ministry is an on-site resource center that offers quality books, audio-visuals, and gift items that edifies the most discriminate Believer. Contact: Sister Tracy Carter and Sister Thea Mitchell

Food Pantry Ministry

The Food Pantry ministry delivers food to needy families and shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those families.  Prior to each visit, we ascertain the food needs of each family, purchase and deliver the food.  Once we arrive at the home, we find out about the family’s spiritual needs and spend time sharing Jesus and fellowshipping with them.
Contact: Brother Werner Garben

Helping Up Mission Ministry

The Helping Up Mission ministry seeks to assist those who stand in need of constant care and support, not by fault of their own.  Being less fortunate than others, the ministry would like to feed the resident members with not only food and clothing, but with the Word of God, praying that He will see fit to use this ministry to bring in His light so that the men might see Christ and gain hope.  Physically, we supply food, clothing, toiletries and books; spiritually, we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Contact: Brother Michael Joyner


Marriage Ministry/Homebuilders

The goal of the Marriage Ministry of New Antioch Baptist Church is to provide support, guidance, encouragement, and mentoring through human and written resources with the use of Family Life Ministries “Homebuilders” study guides.  We equip couples with the tools needed to build their marriages, resolve conflicts, deal with financial issues and grow together in Christ.  We try to help couples strengthen their marriage and avoid some of the struggles that cause frustration and isolation. Contact: Brother Carl Tanner, Sr.

Scholarship Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to expose the youth of the church and the community to as many occupational opportunities and educational facilities as possible.  As a ministry, we assist the youth in seeking, initiating and following up with the application process for scholarships and financial aid and reward monetary awards to qualifying applicants.  Application Contact: Deacon Joseph Maye

Senior Outreach Ministry

The function of this ministry is senior citizens acting as a catalyst to implement holistic needs (spiritually, physically, mentally and socially) for all citizens at NABC and surrounding communities.  This process is expected to help strengthen family ties and reach the lost for Christ. Contact: Brother Freddie Lynch