Prayer Commitment for the

Week of November 10-November 16

‘Hold-On Tight
(Psalm 63:8)
Clinging to God brings comfort, strength, direction, and peace. In defining “cling”, we are dependent on, emotionally attached to, or adhered to something or someone.  This Scripture says we are trusting His decisions to direct us.  We’ve let go of self and grabbed ahold of God.  We purposely stay so close to Him that no sin can creep in or wedge in between.  Because you know His right hand will uphold you, you tighten your grip and tell God, “I’m not letting go!” Reliance on His promises are our food and our mechanism for survival.  Where else can you go for the refuge our Lord provides?  Praise God that being rooted in prayer and God’s Word fortifies the grasp, so you won’t slip away!
Matthew 5:9; Colossians 3:15; Romans 15:13