Prayer Commitment for the

Week of September 8-September 14

(Matthew 11:15)
Today I take the time to close my eyes and listen to God’s world around me. I hear birds singing, the breeze moving through the trees.  Oh, how wonderful to reconnect to God’s great wonders.  As I continue to sit quietly and listen, I hear my slow breaths and become aware of the beats from my heart.
Listening deeply now, I am conscious of the voice speaking from within.  Call it God or the Divine, I recognize the connection to the Spirit that’s always available to me.  In the past, I use to ignore this inner knowing, but in this present moment, I am grateful for the clarity and support.  I resolve to spend more time listening for the voice of Truth.  I listen to the still, small voice with me.
Matthew 5:9; Colossians 3:15; Romans 15:13