New Antioch Baptist Church has a strong and vibrant network of spiritual ministries to replenish and revive Believers.



Hospitality Ministry

The Hospitality Ministry desires to follow Jesus’ example, by using the gift of service to encourage fellowship and Christian hospitality within our church family, as well as the community.  As a ministry, we prepare and issue Thanksgiving food baskets to the community, serve food for special services such as anniversaries, repasts and other occasions.


Media Ministry

The Media Ministry provides audio and video support, which records the sermons of Pastor Barney, guest speakers, and all music.  Our mission is to provide sound support for church services, Bible studies, weddings, and funerals.  The Ministry also offers services to the spiritual needs of our sick, shut-in members, college students away from home, and the community.


Nurses Ministry

The Nurses’ Ministry visits the sick, sends get-well cards, and provides monetary and physical assistance to those bereaved or ill members.  The ministry also administers care within the church and maintains an optimum spiritual and physical health level.


Security and Traffic Control Ministry

       The Security Ministry protects and assists all persons (attendees, members, and employees) in case of harm to personal 
       property, theft, or threat to personal life.  The ministry also watches, oversees, communicates, and enforces rules regarding 
       safety violations related to individuals, the facility, and the parking lot, which includes assisting with directing traffic onto
       the main road.

Usher Board Ministry

The Usher Board Ministry is a ministry of HELPS, which incorporates being doorkeepers in the house of God.  The ministry meets and greets worshippers and directs them to comfortable seats.  Ushers also see that the church is in proper condition to receive attendees by ensuring that Bibles, church literature, collection envelopes, and any items that need distributing are in their appropriate places.